Current Job Postings Available:

  • Delivery Driver (7/3/13)

Recent Positions Filled:

  • Head Brewer
  • Assistant Brewer
  • Assistant Brewer
  • Delivery Driver
  • Delivery Driver
  • Delivery Driver
  • Accountant
  • Sales Representative

3 Responses to Jobs

  1. Connie Growden says:

    Interested in any event management or sales jobs within Deep Ellum Brewing Co.
    Several years of Customer Service experience, Sales and Beer knowledge.

  2. Christian Miller says:

    Hello my name is Christian Miller and I am a recent graduate of Southern Methodist University where I earned a degree in Sports Marketing and held a varsity letter on the football team. I am interested in any sales or marketing jobs within Deep Ellum Brewing Co.

  3. Arthur Tobias says:

    I recently put in an application for employment with your company a few weeks ago and was wondering if your still looking for any employment help? Your web site here says your looking for a delivery driver is the position still available?

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