New Brew! Hop Seeker

Hop Seeker Rendering 2015 Both

Hop Seeker #1 is the first installment of our quarterly IPA series, a 100% wet hop ale. We used fresh cut Centennial hops in the initial boil and will use fresh cut Equinox hops in the dry hop! Equinox is a newer variety that has a pronounced aroma profile with citrus, tropical fruit, floral and herbal characteristics, including lemon, lime and papaya. By using such an unholy amount of wet hops in copious late additions, we coaxed aromas of citrus, melon and resin from the green beasties. Wet hops all the way through!


Join us October 9th at Total Wine Dallas and Plano Locations for a special sampling of Hop Seeker.  Product available market-wide beginning October 12th.  Drink by Yesterday!

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Want to try it earlier? Stop by our official launch party at The Common Table (2917 Fairmount St. Dallas, TX 75201) on Tuesday, October 6th, from 5—8 PM. We’ll have limited Hop Seeker “can” glasses for you to keep with the purchase of the beer!

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  1. Matt Kirby says:

    First let compliment all of your brews, I love them all except for the wet hop ale I just purchased. There is a phenolic aroma and flavor that overpowers the beer. It almost makes me think the six pack I purchased has a infection, the carbonation level is equal to champagne. I’m hoping the six pack I purchased was just a fluke, because I LOVE your beers. Is this the first you’ve heard about this? I’m not writing this to complain, but I’m concerned. I will always enjoy indulging in your beer, and most times I’m excess because they’re so freaking good!

    Cheers Kirby

  2. Jimmy says:

    When are you doing hop seeker again? My favorite DEBC brew!

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