The Return of Darkest Hour

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The onset of winter is upon us! The shortest day, or the longest night as we like to think,.. is this Sunday, December 21st!

After two dark and cold winters we’ve brought you back the Darkest Hour, our Imperial Stout!

And to celebrate, we’re returning this bold and beautiful beer at The Green Door Public House at 3pm!

22oz bomber bottles will be released the week after!

…about this beer

Darkest Hour
11% ABV 60 IBU
Imperial Stout

Brewed to mark the winter solstice, (the darkest and shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere), our Darkest Hour Imperial Stout is a fitting tribute. This behemoth of a stout is double mashed because it contains an ungodly amount of rich, dark malts. To this, our brewers add some Belgian Dark Candi Syrup and copious amounts of hops as a ballast. They feed the resulting wort to our house ale yeast and let the magic happen! Our Darkest Hour is an imperial stout of depth and complexity, much like our brewers. Brooding and moody, but nice to snuggle with in front of a fireplace on a cold evening. From DEBC to you, cheers to YOUR darkest hour!

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