Texas Theatre presents The Shining


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“Heeeere’s Johnny! ”

We’ve got Jack Nicholson, Stanley Kubrick, Stephen King, Mr. Smiley and let’s not forget, 1980, all mixed up in this classic thriller, mystery, horror Epic film in 35MM print at Texas Theatre!

Showing at the historical Texas Theatre, a 1931 built infamous theatre once owned by billionaire film producer and renowned aviator Howard Hughes (not to be mistaken by Leonardo DiCaprio).

With the high demand from our local fans, Deep Ellum Brewing Co. is hosting this REDRUM flick at 9:45pm December 19th, 2014.

We’ve got Dallas Blonde, Deep Ellum IPA, Double Brown Stout featuring REDRUM, a relentless Raspberry Dallas Blonde Cask.

Custom REDRUM Glass coming your way should you dare to enter into this movie theatre!

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 11.47.26 AM

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Invite your buddy’s, your girlfriend or boyfriend, maybe even your grandmother! Odds are she saw it before you did!

So get your tickets now! They’re selling!

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