St. Patrick’s Parade After Party Brewery Tour


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Deep Ellum Brewing Company proudly offers a weekly Open House at the brewery every SATURDAY from NOON to 3PM.


$12 online thru Prekindle or $15 at the door (cash & credit cards) for the brewery tour entrance. Check in with your printed Prekindle receipt.

Get your tickets online by clicking here for only $12!

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Every week, DEBC offers two chances to visit the brewery for an open house and tastings of our freshest craft brews right from the brew house. Gates open at 12pm on Saturdays (last call at 2:30pm and bar closes at 2:45pm), doors close at 3:00pm. The whole brewery open-house is come-and-go as you please, but we encourage people that want the tour to be inside at the brew deck at 1pm and 2pm as an onsite brewer or tour coordinator will talk about the brewing process on the brew deck. Tours typically last 15-25 minutes.

2823 St Louis St, Dallas TX 75226 at the corner of Malcom X and St. Louis on the south side of Deep Ellum. Enter through the gate on the East side for tours. Parking is available on the West side of the brewery in the fenced in parking lot.


SPECIAL EVENTS – There may be special events/tours from time to time, but the only time we’re always open to the public is Saturday 12pm – 3pm and Thursdays 6pm – 8:30pm. Keep up with us on Facebook for our annual special events held at our brewery.

RESERVATIONS – We don’t accept them. This is a come-as-you-go event at our brewery. Expect crowds with great weather!

FOOD TRUCKS – We invite food trucks each week to be on-site to sell their food. They set the prices and their own guidelines for payment methods, but we’ve found most of them accept credit cards.

KIDS/DOGS – Not to be confused as one…They are both welcome just so long they have a leash on them and are with parents or legal guardians. We support little brewers! Dogs are not allowed in the brewery, only beer garden. Please pack a baggie.

PHOTOGRAPHY – We invite you to take as many pictures as you’d like and tag us in Social Media – we believe in sharing the fun!

VOLUNTEERS – We have a volunteer force that assists in making the brewery ready and running booths each week. If you’d like to join the volunteer ranks, please contact us at events@deepellumbrewing.com

SALES – If you are a bar/restaurant owner interested in having DEBC beer on tap, please contact us at orders@deepellumbrewing.com or call us at (214) 888-3322.

ÜBER RIDE – Want a personal Designated Driver? Use Uber and the promo code ‘DrinkDeep’ to score $20 off your first ride. No account? Just signup here (https://www.uber.com/go/drinkdeep) and the discount will automatically apply to your first ride!

WEBSITE: www.deepellumbrewing.com

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/deepellumbrewing

TWITTER:  www.twitter.com/deepellumbrewco

INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/deepellumbrewco

PREKINDLE (Open House Tickets): https://prekindle.com/venue/DEBC

UNTAPPD (“check in” to a beer): http://www.untappd.com/DEBC

YELP (review us!): http://www.yelp.com/biz/deep-ellum-brewing-company-dallas

YOUTUBE (see our videos): http://www.youtube.com/user/DeepEllumBrewing

DEBC Glass closeup with taps behind

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