Ben E Keith – Austin


After a two and a half year courting process, we have chosen Ben E Keith (BEK) as our distribution partner in Austin. Beginning December 1st, BEK will be your go to distributor for Deep Ellum beer in Austin and the surrounding counties.

This was not a decision taken lightly, but believe we’ve made the right choice with Ben E Keith. They’ve always shown a level of professionalism and dedication to service that we believe to be bar none in the industry.

Although signing away our right to self-distribute is a bit daunting, its a necessary next step that allows for greater customer attention and a higher level of service. Being able to troubleshoot draft lines, merchandise shelves, or replace faulty kegs is a huge part of what we do as a distributor, but almost impossible to provide for accounts outside of our immediate market.

The whole “be right over” is paramount to good service and we’re very pleased that it’ll be Ben E Keith on the other end of that call.

Greatly appreciate your support, Austin. Stay weird!



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