Job Posting: Office Assistant
aka, Beer Traffic Controller


We’re looking for an energetic office assistant to join our fast growing, uber-awesome team. Must be able to find your way in the dark, know a thing or two about beer, and have an affinity towards unicorns. Top of the job duties’ list will be answering our forever ringing phone, taking orders, data entry (its kind of like Facebook), and keeping our heads on straight.

Truth is, you’ll probably be stuck doing a lot of crap jobs, but on the upside, you’ll be in the beer industry working with a band of beer ninjas. Ideally, this will be a long-term opportunity for someone not afraid of starting in the (e)mail room. If you’re looking for a conventional 9-5, this probably isn’t it, but if you’re looking to join a fast growing brewery on the ground floor of great things, we dare you to apply (stretching recommended).

To apply for this position, please send a resume and cover letter to jobs (at) deepellumbrewing (dot) com with the subject, “Office Assistant – YOUR NAME.” If we don’t respond quickly, please don’t take offense. We’re a little busy right now, but we’ll have the Office Assistant handle that upon their hire.

Cheers & good luck!

11 Responses to Job Posting: Office Assistant

  1. John Pecarina says:

    Have done everything, but not with a brewery. Former Information systems analyst, so I know databases, datamining and setting up the unsuspecting for such activity. Government regulations do not intimidate me, as I have worked them as both the regulator and regulated.I was office assistant for a Director of Special Education in a small school district, who was worried about anything concerned with money. Using my knowledge of Excel, Powerpoint and word processing, I was not only able to keep her straight, but also to give her sufficient understanding that she could defend her actions to the school board. Crappy jobs? I made coffee in every office I have ever worked in, and even scheduled bathroom breaks. My son-in-law makes beer in his basement. However, Portland Oregon is a long ways from here, and it would be stimulating to meet the local beer ninjas. On the debit side, I only drink two kinds of beer – lager and ale. If you need someone with greater breadth, I am not your man

  2. Jenna Leanne says:

    Hey guys! I am a 24 year old Deep Ellum local, and am searching for a job that I may excel in. 90% of my background consists of working in an office/admin setting, from managing an insurance agency to working as a personal assistant for a marketing director. The past year and a half I have worked at Del Friscos Grille on McKinney Ave, a steak house with a laid back twist on fine dining. I wanted a change, and loved that they treat wine and good beer with the upmost respect. I’ve become very knowledgeable of all kinds of wine, liquor, and beer in this time; smell, color, taste, alcohol present, etc. We have even featured beer from your brewery, which I was thoroughly educated on. Though I have very much enjoyed my time at the restaurant, it is under new management now, and it has gone from the majority of the servers being 24 and up, to nearly all of them being under 21. I have been looking for an office position, but somewhere close to home, and somewhere I can feel like myself. I live next door to Murray Street Coffee Shop, so you guys are in walking distance. I am very spirited, grounded, believe in a balanced life, am a Pisces, very organized, enjoy cleaning, love learning, pick up on things quickly, and with my experience and, growing up the oldest of all boys, can handle anything you throw at me. If you would like to speak with me please feel free to email me. I’d be more than happy to send you my resume or walk over to you for face to face time. I’ll be sending you all good vibes, and hopefully will have the pleasure of speaking with you soon. -Jenna Leanne

  3. Cynthia Wade says:

    I just saw your posting on Facebook. It looks perfect for me. I am not currently at home,so I will send you resume by morning.

  4. Jax says:

    Good luck hiring a a beer bitch. These posters seem super uptight. Loosen the tie kids, these ninjas will appreciate it.

    Unicorns Forever!


  5. Elexa says:

    Best Saturday in Dallas is the Deep Ellum Brewery tour. Hands down. And you get to keep the super tight glass!

  6. Elexa says:

    As a newb in town, Deep Ellum Brewery’s tour gave me my first taste of Dallas’ awesome side. A pitcher full of a perfect Saturday, and you get to keep the super tight glass! I’ll be applying in the hopes of getting that ‘come on get hoppy’ feeling all week long

  7. Bert Tappe says:

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  8. Brittany Gottardi says:

    Hey there guys! I’m Britt! I’m 27,and am currently a manager at a restaurant in deep ellum. I’ve been working in the industry for almost 10 years and know a LOT about craft beer and being super funny. I’ve been in management for about 3 years now, so I know a thing or two about administrative work. I’ve been into craft beer for years and really want to be around it all the time. My first good beer job was at Fox and Hound at 18 and I’ve moved around to Humperdink’s, Flying Saucer, and now have a lot of say at my current job about the beers we order. I get along with everyone, am great with details, pretty silly, and can’t think of a single situation I can’t handle. We should meet! (469)471-7267

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