DEBC Turns 2 Brewery Tour!
Two Year Anniversary Brewery Tour

“Deep Ellum embodies everything DEBC stands for. It’s big, bold and it doesn’t hold back. Deep Ellum is the only part of Dallas that isn’t afraid to be itself. Deep Ellum can’t be ignored. And that’s why it continues to inspire. ” John Reardon, Founder, Deep Ellum Brewing Company.

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November 11th 2011, (11-11-11) DEBC sold it’s first keg to Anvil Pub. Many of you, especially us, feel like we’ve been making Dallas Craft Beer for a hell of a lot longer than that, but this one is on the books. We are 2!

It has been one hell of a ride since then. Powering through a market that evidently told us, that “craft beer wasn’t ready for Dallas”. Well if you’ve been through any one of our brewery tours, you should know by now that I of all brewery ninjas, call that b*llsh*t out. Dallas is in fact ready and drinking Craft Beer brewed right here in Deep Ellum.

This year, on November 9th we celebrate a 4 hour long brewery tour. Live music from DEBC favorite, The O’s. Sugar Foote and Co. will be opening, who among many of our local favorites, is one hell of a Dallas musician.


We have food by Easy Sliders and Jolly Trolley. We will be rolling out DEBC beer and specialty firkins as old as, well,.. 2 years. Commemorative DEBC pint glass, 3 beer tokens, live music – all for $10 bucks. If you don’t have it, panhandling is popular in Deep Ellum. Come early and do just that.


Brewery tours: 1pm, 2pm and 3pm. You will hear real life brewery stories from all of us at DEBC during these awe inspired tours this momentous day.

See you all Saturday, November 9th 12-4pm

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  1. Mike Phillip says:

    Would like to run in the pub run, whow do I sign up?

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