DEBC Pairing Dinner
at Park Tavern

Deep Ellum Brewing Company is proud to announce their first pairing dinner with Park Tavern!  Also, $10 will be donated to Dallas Childrens Charities and Dallas Margarita Society.

Park Tavern with Craft Beer

Deep Ellum Beer Dinner

1stMorels Stuffed w/ On Pure Ground Fresh Chevre,  House – Cured Pork Belly, Finished w/ Local Honey. 

Paired with Double Brown Stout (‘Stout’ for many years meant a Porter of substantial strength and at several times and places in history the term ‘Double Brown Stout’ has signified a variety dark, strong brews. Our favorite is the Scandinavian or Baltic version, emphasizing the chocolate-y and dark dried fruit character over the burnt or ashy roast flavors of some its cousins. Unlike most members of the Stout and Porter family, our DBS is fermented with a lager yeast (rather than ale), whose cleaner fermentation profile allows the malt and hop flavors do the talking.)

 2ndEarly Spring Soup made w/ Acorn Squash, Sunchoke, Ramp, Artichoke w/ Ramp Crème Fraiche. 

Paired with Dallas Blonde (What does it mean to be a Dallas Blonde? Sounds like a loaded question. So load it up we did, with citrusy and floral American hops, Pale, Vienna and Wheat malts. Yielding a delicately balanced, and shimmering golden ale.  To us, it just goes down easy.)

 3rdFried Smelt, Tom’s Arugula  w/ Stewed  Tomato – Saffron Vinaigrette. 

Paired with Deep Ellum IPA (At DEBC, we like hops, but we like American hops most of all. Here we use some of our absolute favorites. However, they might not be used like you may expect, by using varieties with high alpha acid contents (which means more potential for bitterness) and using them in ways that emphasize the flavor and aroma we can render a rather bitter ale with over the top tropical fruit, citrus, pine, floral and more hop derived aroma and flavor.)

 4thSuckling Pig w/ Roasted Baby Veg and Fava Bean.  House-Made Accompaniments: Gherkins, Tomato-Fennel Jam, Tart Cherry Mustard, Shallot Marmalade

Paired with Rocktoberfest (We rock it old school. How old school? Try the stone age. Steinbier brewing not only predates the invention of the thermometer, but goes so far back that there was no material available for fashioning brewing vessels that would not ignite when brought to flame. So the heat was brought from the fire with stones. Knowing how many and of what size to add and when was much of the early brewers’ alchemy. But with progress we lost the smoky caramelized character brought by those wood fired rocks of old, but no more. We’ve added crazy hot granite to our Dusseldorf-style Sticke Altbier just to make it rock that much harder.)

 5th – Meyer Lemon – Dreamcrusher Semifreddo w/ Rosemary

Paired with Wealth & Taste (Please allow me to introduce our first barrel aged release, Wealth & Taste. It is a strong, golden Belgian-style Ale brewed with Muscat grape juice, Grapefruit peel, rose hips and chamomile flowers and partially aged in Missouri White Oak barrels that spent the last seven to eight years housing Chardonnay in Napa. A siren and a seducer of significant potency, an opportunistic beverage overflowing with opulence now, but content to lay in waiting for just the right devilishly decadent moment.)

Dinner at Park Tavern Dallas
8166 Park Lane, Suite C310
Dallas, TX 75231
Tuesday April 23, 2013 7pm

Park Tavern and DEBC Dinner Beer Pairing Poster 4-23-2013

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  1. Megan Fox says:

    Do tickets for the DEBC dinner at Park Tavern need to purchased in advance?

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