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We are really proud to announce a rollout of a brand new initiative for the Dallas area!

DEBC is now partnering with Smashburger with a concept of true pairings of burgers and beer. This isn’t just a “grab a beer with a burger” thing, we actually sat down with Tom Ryan, the founder of Smashburger (and inventor of Stuffed Crust Pizza, the McGriddle, The McDonald’s Dollar Menu and more) and tasted each burger and beer to select the right pairings that enhance the dining experience. The right burger and the right beer make the entire dining experience better as the flavors compliment.

Here’s a video showing the 8 pairings to whet your appetite: http://youtu.be/JjeQUeNDD6s

March 20th was the rollout of the 8 sandwich / 8 beer tasting menu where the pairings will be announced and tasted, and rolled out to the 8 Dallas area Smashburger locations.  There are articles and photos below

Smashburger and Deep Ellum Brewing Co Pairing Menu


…Like a French Kiss in your belly…”  -Pegasus News

Pairings Discussed -CraveDFW

Prepping  -Dallas Observer

Glassware - Smashburger and DEBC

Pictures from the Media Rollout 3/19/13:

Tait Lifto, Tom Ryan, John Reardon and Zack Fickey POS of Smashburger DEBC Pairings Smashburger DEBC Pairing - Classic Smash with Dallas Blonde

Smashburger DEBC Pairing - Mushroom Swiss Burger & Double Brown Stout Smashburger DEBC Pairing - BBQ Bacon and Cheddar Burger with Rye Pils Smashburger DEBC Pairing - Avocado Club Burger and Dallas Blonde

Smashburger DEBC Pairing - Jalapeno BBQ Burger and Rye Pils Smashburger DEBC Pairing - Spicy Baja Veggie Black Bean Burger and Deep Ellum IPA Smashburger DEBC Pairing - Cucumber & Goat Cheese Chicken Sandwich and Dallas Blonde

Smashburger DEBC Pairing - Crispy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich and Deep Ellum IPA Tom Ryan - Smashburger Founder - in front of Deep Ellum Brewing Co Delivery Truck John Reardon speaks while Tom Ryan looks on

Media listen to Tom Ryan, John Reardon and Tait Lifto Smashburger staff checks out the DEBC cans Smashburger Trainers

Smashburger samples coming out of the kitchen Pairings being prepped Smash Sides

Smashburger samples Mushroom Swiss and Double Brown Stout

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