Smashburger & DEBC
Food Pairings for Dallas

We are really proud to announce a rollout of a brand new initiative for the Dallas area!

DEBC is partnering with Smashburger with a concept of true pairings of burgers and beer. This isn’t just a “grab a beer with a burger” thing, we actually sat down with Tom Ryan, the founder of Smashburger (and inventor of Stuffed Crust Pizza, the McGriddle, The McDonald’s Dollar Menu and more) and tasted each burger and beer to select the right pairings that enhance the dining experience. The right burger and the right beer make the entire dining experience better as the flavors compliment.

Here’s a teaser video to whet your appetite: http://youtu.be/JjeQUeNDD6s

March 19th is the rollout of the 8 sandwich / 8 beer tasting menu where the pairings will be announced and tasted, and rolled out to the Dallas area Smashburger locations.

Glassware - Smashburger and DEBC


Posted By Tait Lifto (Sales & Brand Ninja)
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  1. Tony says:

    I love Smashburger and love y’all’s beers so much. This is the best news I have heard. I can’t wait to go back to smash now. I have to ask will I be able to buy one of the pint glasses shown above? It’s is the perfect mix of my two favorite things.

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