LABOR OF LOVE – Fest of Ales
9/2/12 6pm @ the brewery

Have you ever had a labor of love? Something you enjoyed so much that you did it just for the sport of it? The comraderie? That feeling of accomplishment when the day is done? We sure have. Hell, that’s why we started our brewery in the first place. Our labor of love was homebrewing. We all came from different corners, from different backgrounds, to blend our tastes and passion for good beer into a singular obsession – Deep Ellum Brewing Company is our labor of love.


Through this journey we’ve been fortunate enough to meet many who share a similar passion. While some will go on to open their own breweries, most will continue their pursuit of the craft for the joy of the chase. You see, it’s an art that can not be mastered. No matter how may times it’s repeated, how many times spent scrubbing, sanitizing, trialing various grain bills, different hop combinations, and learning the nuances of yeast, there is always more to know – a higher plane to seek, a never ending quest for the perfect brew.


So, it’s with great pride that we close out the summer season with one last bash in honor of our homebrewing bretherin. We’ve teamed up with the North Texas Homebrewer’s Association and have invited 21 avid homebrewers to join us on Sunday September 2nd, for a night of good tunes and better beer.

Deep Ellum Brewing Company Brew B Q from Short Productions on YouTube.

2012 Deep Ellum Brew BQ from Short Productions on Vimeo.

Live music will be provided by our good buddies Boys Named Sue. They’ll bring the tunes and the North Texas Homebrewers will be bringing the brews. We’ll also have our offerings for sample as well. For just $15, you’ll get a souvenier glass, a tour of the brewery, one kick ass concert, and complimentary samplings of homebrew and more.


DEBC Labor of Love Fest of Ales - Homebrewer List

DEBC Labor of Love - Fest of Ales: Homebrewer List


10 Responses to LABOR OF LOVE – Fest of Ales

  1. matt says:

    can we buy tickets at the tour tonight, or just online?

  2. Jeff says:

    to Joe … really kids – ??? really? lets leave this to the adults, please!


  3. Jonathan says:

    Stephan, it says right above what you get for your $15.

    I am bringing my Black IPA.

  4. Christina says:

    How much beer is in a ‘sampling’ and is it all the samples listed on the home brewer list?

  5. Jeff says:

    How late does it go on? I might not be able to get there right at 6. Also, my designated driver is 18 (he’s coming for the music, not to drink). Let me know if that’s not OK.

  6. reza says:

    Wow way to many people. I felt like a sardine in a can.

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