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Sales Representative

The expansion continues. We are looking for a few highly motivated sales representatives to join our ever growing team. Beverage experience is a huge plus, but not required. This is an outside sales position that has long term growth potential for the right candidates. Bring the wow factor.  We make beer here.

Please note, all resumes, responses, or questions concerning this job posting must be directed to jobs@deepellumbrewing.com. Inquiries through other channels will be ignored. Thank you for understanding.

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  1. Lauryn walter says:

    Already shed the light of debc to a few restaurants i have worked with. Melrose is my next feat as I hope to be hired as their new bar manager. Would love to work with you guys!!


    Tell Tate and zack I said hello!!

  2. Zachary Malan says:

    WOW! That sounds like fun! Up untill about a year ago I was working at Mr. G’s Beverage for a little over a year. I left Mr G’s for a management position at Calloways Nursery. I loved working in the beverage/beer industry and would love to get back into that field! John, please email me, I would love to talk!

  3. Barney says:

    have a promotion for you
    DE’ Shuttle
    DE’Blvd SMU catering (home games)
    in a wrapped/branded Airsteam

  4. Ricky Liston says:

    I was in the beer business for 15 years,I worked for willow dist.then Miller of Dallas bought us out and became Andrews dist.I left in 2005.I really miss the beer business and would love to work for you guy’s

  5. Robert Bisani says:

    Hey John, I am a huge fan of Deep Ellum Brewery and have been eagerly seeking a way into the Craft Beer Industry. I have 10+ years in the sales and customer service industry and have multiple state licenses. I am used to working hard and have no problem starting from the bottom. I feel like I would be a huge asset to your team and would love the opportunity to send my resume and meet with you in person. I can make myself available anytime

  6. Alexei Reyes says:

    Good afternoon John,

    I have been following Deep Ellum Brewery since it first started and I am a big fan of the craft beer. Congratulations on the success thus far. I have sent my resume to the email you provided and to Mike. I pitched Mike an advertising/marketing plan on how to increase the Brewery’s sales, retain clientele, and increase revenue by 2-5% by the end of the year. Please take some time to review my resume and I do look forward to speaking with you or Mike.

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