A Brew-BQ Recap

Last Sunday was one of the greatest days of my life. True story.

It was with a sort of fatherly pride that I watched it all come together. You see, this time last year, we were nothing more than homebrewers with a dream. Now, to see the impact of our efforts, and to pay that forward, is a dream come true.

It was an honor to be flanked by the likes of 512, such a highly respected Austin brewery, and both Armadillo Ale Works and Martin House Brewing Company, which will both be great additions to the North Texas beer scene. All of the beers, at least those I tried, were quite impressive. The lines were long and the beer went quick, but that’s to be expected with the debut of new beer that’s being produced just 5 gallons at a time.

Unfortunately, we’ve had some complaints that we got greedy and oversold the event. While I agree it was a large crowd, I can assure you that greed was not our motivating factor. If anything, let’s blame our insatiable quest to keep our team employed, the beer flowing, and DEBC in action. As a brewery in Texas, we’re at a huge detriment to other breweries around the US in the sense that we can not sell directly to the public. This is the revenue that has kept many a breweries afloat through the early years and has allowed them to expand at a very healthy pace. You see, having a tap room would allow us to sell our beer at retail prices without the cost of delivery. It’s a huge bottom line booster and something we are not afforded under current state law.

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Our work around is the brewery tour or an event like Brew-BQ. We can’t sell you the beer, but we can sell you some entertainment and a souvenir glass, which sure helps with the complimentary samplings. But to be honest, our event grew large because we tried too hard to accommodate everyone. If we had only followed the same sort of unapologetic attitude that shines through in our brewing, the event (maybe) would have run a bit smoother. It would have come at the cost of a couple more “explicits” at the door and a few more bashings on the interweb, but at least there wouldn’t have been a line – and we wouldn’t have been called greedy.

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Frankly, I find the lines to be an endearing part of an event. They keep the crowd moving, the conversations flowing, and countless opportunities to meet some new friends. Maybe this is just me being an optimist, but I like my parties party-full. Then again, I also like preaching the gospel to a half-drunk crowd and singing along with The O’s at the top of my lungs. But maybe that’s just me. I know I’m only speaking to a few here as the general consensus was high praise and one hell of a time, but then again, maybe our events aren’t for everyone – just like our beer. We’re going to always be a bit loud, a bit rowdy, and forever pushing the status-quo. It’s why we got into this business in the first place.

Coverage by Dallas Observer (Slideshow)

We did learn some lessons, though. The caterer, while knocking it out of the park on food, should have been ready at the opening bell. This is the one event that backed us up across the board. But hey, live and learn. You try telling a first time vendor that you’ll have over 500 people walk through the door in the first 10 minutes of an event. They’ll just look at you like you are crazy. But maybe that’s the rub. These events take clout. I can guarantee they’ll be ready next year, but I’ll bet people won’t wait until the last minute to make their plans, either.

I guess it all comes down to this – I apologize to those who didn’t have the best possible time they could. It was a learning experience and we’ll definitely make some improvements for next year. And to those who had a blast, thank you for your kind words and high praise – that’s the kind of stuff that keeps us going.

Bottom line, thank you to all who made it such a memorable event. It’s your support that allows us to keep doing what we do… and loving every single (mis)step along the way.

Cheers and beers,

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