What is a Growler?
why should I care?

Basically, a Growler is a bottle designed to be filled with beer so you can take it away and drink it at your leisure.  Typically, growlers come in 32 and 64 oz sizes (although many other sizes exist as well).  Growlers usually have a screw on cap or a “flip-top” cap designed to seal in freshness of the beer and are darker in color to protect from harmful UV rays.

Growlers are a great way to share beer with friends and family, especially for beverages that are difficult or impossible to find in bottles.  Deep Ellum Brewing Company doesn’t currently bottle, so growlers are a good option – 3 of the Whole Foods stores in Dallas have wine/beer bars and sell DEBC brews in 32oz and 64oz growlers at a reasonable price, so if you want to drink DEBC beer at home, go to Whole Foods and find the bar.

We recommend that you drink your growler filled beer as quickly as possible as beer begins deteriorating as soon as it’s introduced to oxygen.  24 hours for the hoppier beers is recommended, but careful storage can keep beers up to a week or two – the basic rule of thumb is the darker the beer, the longer it can keep.

Deep Ellum Brewing Company Tap handles at Whole Foods Lakewood for growler fills and pints

Whole Foods Growlers

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