We will be launching our highly coveted Deep Ellum IPA in conjunction with World of Beer – Arlington‘s Grand Opening on Saturday (January 14). We will have a tour of the brewery with beer tastings from 4pm – 6pm with 2 DFW area food trucks in attendance. After the tasting tour, we’ll load up some double-decker buses and go over to the World of Beer in Arlington for their grand opening where we will officially debut our new Deep Ellum IPA.

Deep Ellum Brewing Company Tour, Saturday 1/14/12 4pm-6pm, 2821 St Louis St, Dallas TX 75226, www.deepellumbrewing.com

*Brewery tour includes a Deep Ellum Brewing Company glass and complimentary tastings of Deep Ellum IPA, Backslider Blonde, Double Brown Stout, Festivus and Darkest Hour.

*Two food trucks will be present at the tour from 4-6pm: The Bacon Wagon (Ft Worth) serving their normal menu plus a special batch of Deep Ellum IPA Bacon Chili, and Easy Slider.

*Buses leave DEBC at 6pm to World of Beer for the official launch of Deep Ellum IPA in perfect (beer) harmony with the WoB Grand Opening event

*All bus riders will receive a Deep Ellum t-shirt and enjoy general merriment

*Buses return at 10pm. Taxis will be available at the brewery for those that need them (always drink responsibly!)

*The whole tour is $30 (and $5 of each ticket sold goes to St Judes). For those wishing to only do the brewery tour (and not go on the bus to World of Beer), it is $8 per person from 4pm-6pm and included the tour but not a t-shirt. And who doesn’t want a t-shirt?

World’s Most Awesome Tour tickets are limited (due to bus space) so we’re selling tickets online at: http://debcipalaunch.eventbrite.com/

Our year round ode to the Pacific Northwest Hop

At DEBC, we like hops, but we like American hops most of all. Here we use some of our absolute favorites. However, they might not be used like you may expect, by using varieties with high alpha acid contents (which means more potential for bitterness) and using them in ways that emphasize the flavor and aroma we can render a rather bitter ale with over the top tropical fruit, citrus, pine, floral and more hop derived aroma and flavor.

Style: American-style India Pale Ale
Hops: Citra, Amarillo, Chinook, Palisade and Summit
Malts: Pale Ale, Vienna, Honey and White Wheat
Yeast: English Ale
Packages: 50L, 1/6th bbl



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