It’s true. We’ve DC’d (beer talk for discontinued) all future production of Backslider Blonde. It’s a good beer, but its served its purpose and it’s time to move forward. We needed a quick ale that could be turned in 10 days to have at least two offerings for our Dallas beer week events. But at the end of the day, it’s not what excites us as a brewery. There are plenty of “blonde ales” in Texas, and while Dallas is most famously known for its big ‘ol blondes, this just isn’t a beer that we see in our future. If you haven’t noticed, ubiquity just isn’t our thing. In fact, making an inference that this should be our “flagship” (must we have one?) is borderline insulting.

It’s replacement is what we’re calling a Neo-American Rye Pilsner, a crisp, clean, spicy and floral lighter session lager.¬†Sometimes things just click, like they did in modern day Czech Republic in 1842. Pilsner was born of a singular moment of perfection, bottled lightning if you will. After years of bastardization and watering down, mostly perpetrated by earlier American brewers, the style has been taken back to its former glory by craft brewers world wide. We’ve decided to take it further and reinvent the American-style Pilsner. Unfiltered, dry hopped, mashed with rye malt and brewed with American hops of noble Germanic descent, or the way it should have been done the first time.

There’s no question the backbone of our brewery is the IPA. But when a 7% 70 IBU India Pale Ale has you begging for mercy, the Rye Pils will be just what the doctor ordered. At 4.6% and 38 IBUs, this will be the go-to lager for when a little extra distance is required.¬†If you’d like to try the blonde, there are still plenty of kegs to go around. Angry Dog has reordered three times in the past four days of carrying this beer. We know you like it, but we also know you’re really going to like the Pils. Until then, cheers and beers. JR.



  1. Being an IPA girl (the bigger the better) I was surprised I enjoyed your blonde so much. Sorry to see it go but excited for your new ventures!

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  3. Jassi says:

    I know its past the 17th, but are you all still selling the debit cards? Im bmeumd we missed the tasting. If I would have read the article correctly me and some friends would have been there. We stopped by the brewery along with a couple other carloads of people who didnt read it right either. Work is so busy I kinda forgot about the deadline on the debit cards.thanks, cant wait for your opening, your alot closer to my neighborhood now than the others:)

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