Some observant fans have noticed our penchant for the off-beat grain, rye. While all beers are composed of some combination of barley, wheat, corn, rice, oats and rye (not necessarily in that order, and at least for the cereal portion of any mash, that is) rye is generally considered to be the most difficult to brew with, due its biology […]

Posted By Drew Huerter (Head Brewer)
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DEBC Rye Pils Launch!

It’s a special day.  A day that highlights a certain hidden class of rodents with an unusual propensity to predict weather… a few weeks at a time, and only once a year, but – hey – I couldn’t do better.  Not based on my shadow, at least.
Groundhog Day.  A special day and one to be celebrated nationally.
Deep Ellum Brewing Company […]

Posted By Tait Lifto (Sales & Brand Ninja)
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Double Rye IPA

Just took a reading on Dreamcrusher – 9.4% ABV after just 8 days in the tank. This beer is shaping up very, very nicely.
A quantum leap beyond our IPA, with rye, of course.
It’s no secret, at DEBC, we’re fond of hops. Citrusy, piney, floral and fruity hops are at least a third of the reason we got ourselves into this whole […]

Posted By John Reardon (Owner)
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World's Most Awesome Delivery Driver

Deep Ellum Brewing Company ( has an immediate need for a delivery driver to deliver our beers in the Dallas/Ft Worth area.  We are specifically seeking a self-starter with a start-up business mindset that has an existing knowledge-base of the craft beer industry, can easily move full kegs and knows the DFW metroplex well.  This is more than an 8-5 […]

Posted By Tait Lifto (Sales & Brand Ninja)
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We will be launching our highly coveted Deep Ellum IPA in conjunction with World of Beer – Arlington‘s Grand Opening on Saturday (January 14). We will have a tour of the brewery with beer tastings from 4pm – 6pm with 2 DFW area food trucks in attendance. After the tasting tour, we’ll load up some double-decker buses and go over […]

Posted By John Reardon (Owner)
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UPDATED 1/12/12

Amsterdam Bar
Angry Dog
Anvil Pub
The Bone
The Bottle Shop – World Beer Co
Buzzbrews (Deep Ellum)
Cane Rosso
Common Table
The Dubliner
Holy Grail Pub
Katy Trail Icehouse
Libertine Bar
Lion & Crown (Addison Circle)
Serious Pizza
Stackhouse Burgers
Trinity Hall Irish Pub
Twisted Root (Deep Ellum)
Twisted Root (Plano – shops at Legacy)
Twisted Root (Arlington)
Victor Tangos
World of Beer
Want a keg for your home kegerator…
Lonestar Beverages
Spirits Liquor (our neighbors in Deep Ellum)

Posted By John Reardon (Owner)
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It’s true. We’ve DC’d (beer talk for discontinued) all future production of Backslider Blonde. It’s a good beer, but its served its purpose and it’s time to move forward. We needed a quick ale that could be turned in 10 days to have at least two offerings for our Dallas beer week events. But at the end of the day, […]

Posted By John Reardon (Owner)
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